Our Services

We specialize in growing businesses through strategic digital marketing. We work with you to reach your goals and get the most return on your investment possible. Grow your business with the most trusted team.

Growing Your Business.
Maximizing Your Return On Investment.

Business Overview, Marketing
& Communication Strategy

Unlike many agencies or media groups, prior to recommending specific initiatives, we complete a detailed review of your category and competition and provide a marketing and communication strategy for your business, and then by doing so, we are able to provide the best plans that have the highest likelihood of achieving an acceptable ROI on service fees plus your advertising investment.

Website Design & Development

We provide website development, design, and management services. Our websites are created to gain sales and are optimized for SEO. With our management services, we ensure your site is functional and up-to-date on the backend, and we keep your content fresh for your users.

Paid Online Advertising

Given the strategies agreed to for your business, we will create ad campaigns using Google search ads and paid social ads. Once campaigns are live, we will monitor them regularly for performance and make adjustments as needed to continually meet your goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO services are comprehensive and impact website content and structure, paid ads, and business listings. This is a continual process of research, monitoring performance, and making adjustments to further optimize your website and other online initiatives.

Email Marketing

These services include setting up email templates, outlining a content and messaging strategy, and establishing opportunities to increase contacts through opt-in forms and landing pages. We’ll write, design, and deliver email marketing campaigns based on the marketing strategy and communication plan we’ve outlined.

Content Marketing

Whether for your website, company blogs, email marketing, or other forms of communication – for eyes or ears or both – carefully created content persuades customers to choose your business over others while improving search page rankings. Pulling from the marketing and communication strategies developed for your business, Digital Smart Marketing will develop the content needed for you to successfully achieve your goals and objectives.

Reputation Management

We monitor your reputation on highly trafficked business listing sites such as Google Business Profile and Facebook. We will optimize these profiles for both SEO and user experience, as well as provide recommendations on how to build and improve your online reputation.

Branding and Logo Design

How do you win in the marketplace? You provide a product or service that satisfies the needs or wants of a specific target market better than what competitive companies offer. And this all starts with your brand name and logo design, the two most prominent forms of communication that reinforce what you offer and why customers should choose your business. We will guide you through the process of identifying key components of your business that lead to the most compatible and impactful branding, logo designs, and color palettes.


At Digital Smart Marketing, we have experience shooting all types of professional photos for our clients, including corporate teams, products, events, landscapes, architecture, food and drinks, and lifestyle. Our photography services include the latest in equipment, lighting, photo editing, color correction, retouching, and image storage solutions.


At Digital Smart Marketing, we provide script-to-final production services. Whether shooting on location or in a studio, we will create the communication needed to fulfill your business objectives – whether that be reach, engagement, conversions or increased website traffic. Our video production services include establishing a video marketing strategy, scriptwriting and editing, storyboarding, professional video and lighting equipment, video editing, custom designed graphics and illustrations, color correction, and voice overs.


Once this is finalized, we set up the initiatives identified to meet your goals. We regularly monitor performance on all of our services and create a monthly report with metrics, analysis, and recommendations to review with you and compare to what you’re seeing at your business.