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Social Media Advertising

Paid social media advertising can be one of the best ways to engage with your current customers, reach new customers, and build brand awareness. Social media platforms have vast and unparalleled reach – as these below numbers show – with each platform offering various audience targeting and ad layout options, including videos. Despite its reach, social media advertising can be a waste of time and money if campaigns are not properly managed and optimized.

Facebook is the largest platform with over 2.5 billion monthly active users worldwide.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms with over 1 billion monthly users — of which over 200 million visit at least one business profile daily.

Twitter has over 330 million monthly users.

Pinterest has over 290 million people visit each month with 90% of users saying they use Pinterest to make purchase decisions.

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks with over 600 million users worldwide.

You can define your campaign objectives to meet the goal that is right for your company. You can increase your reach by building brand awareness and serving high impressions of your ads. You can increase your engagement and brand loyalty through social media actions such as likes, shares, and comments. You can increase your conversions among new and current customers by driving website traffic, lead generation or landing page submissions, and sales.

One of social media’s greatest assets is the ability to serve your ads to the right audience using advanced targeting options. You can create custom audiences to reach your core audience based on geographic areas, age, interests and behaviors, professions, and more. You can create custom audiences based on your website visitors and past customers, and you can even create lookalike audiences to reach new customers who share similar interests and attributes to your current customers.

Only 1-2% of visitors to a website/landing page convert on their first visit. As with any type of marketing, it takes multiple (sometimes as many as 3-5) interactions with a brand for a consumer to reach the stage of the sales funnel to make a purchase. Through Facebook – and adding a pixel code to your website – you can retarget those that have already visited your website, which keeps your brand in front of your audience and encouraging action.

Each social media advertising campaign takes a great deal of skill to plan, prepare, and optimize. Social media ads have as little as 1-2 seconds to catch attention and spur action. Ad copy and creative must be relevant to where each consumer is in the sales funnel, and you only have a limited number of characters to relay your message. Websites and landing pages must be designed specifically for campaigns, and companies must be ready to cultivate the leads that are gained through those campaigns. Hire an agency with the necessary digital experience that takes the time to understand your business and provide a strategic plan for social media advertising.

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Our Fees

We offer an initial contract term of six months. The cost of our services is fixed for each type of service. We do not charge based on an ad budget or a percentage of ad spending.

Our pricing includes the development of a marketing and communication strategy, creation of advertising campaigns, along with the ongoing optimization of the advertising and reporting of analytics. It does NOT include any advertising dollars to run paid ads on social media.

The cost associated with this service is normally far less than the cost to hire, train, and manage a person to execute social media advertising in a manner that is aligned with your brand’s positioning, business objectives, and strategies.

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, after three months, you are not happy with your social media advertising’s performance, we will cancel the agreement we have with you and refund 100% of the money you have invested with us.

Advertising Dollars

The cost for advertising is determined by the level of competition and geography being marketed to. We will provide a recommendation following our assessment. You are not billed for the advertising through CMC Digital Smart Marketing. Instead, we manage your advertising, and you pay directly to the platforms chosen for your advertisements.

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