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Search Engine Marketing – Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising

There are over 3 billion searches every day – searches where prospective customers are actively searching for answers and solutions. In contrast to social media advertising, paid search advertising provides the opportunity to reach customers at the stage in which they have initiated interest in your product and service.

PPC is most commonly associated with search engines, such as Google and Bing, and involves two main types of ad networks – search network and display network. Google does undoubtedly have the majority of the market, though Bing Ads (which is owned by Microsoft), provide options as they are shown across three platforms: Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. (Below we will refer solely to Google network, but Google and Bing campaigns follow the same structure).


Through the Google Search Network, text-based ads can be seen at the top of Google search page results where there are typically 3 ad places available before the organic results begin (AD appears in each listing). Historically, the top 3 ad spots receive 41% of the clicks.

At the root of any successful search campaign are the keywords selected. Advertisers bid for each keyword, therefore, the most popular keywords have a greater demand and are more expensive, though the placement of ads is not based solely on keyword bid. It is also based on Quality Score, which Google defines as “an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages.”

Search network campaigns have numerous features that can be used to optimize and increase performance, such as:

Remarketing Lists

Bid more for those that have previously visited your website.

Ad Extensions

Add additional information such as sales or promotions, event details, or calls to action to your ad on specific pages of your website.

Dynamic Search Ads

Enter in as many as three headlines with corresponding description text for your ads, and let Google’s algorithm select the best combination for each user.


The Google Display Network enables advertisers to reach people while they’re browsing their favorite websites, watching a YouTube video, or using mobile devices. Different from search network campaigns, display network ads use visual/photo ads, providing a new opportunity to engage prospective customers with your brand. There are numerous options for building out and layering the targeting of display campaigns, such as by content (websites visited), by audience (demographics or location), by context (in-market topics or interests and behaviors), or by keywords.

Google Display Network has, by far, the largest reach of any display network in the world: 94% of all U.S. internet users are reached by the network; 64% of which are reached every day. Ads can be shown on 120 of the top 200 trafficked websites, including the #1 video platform, YouTube; the #1 blog platform, Blogger; the #1 email service, Gmail; and reach 50 billion apps downloaded via Google Play. In total, the Google Display Network serves over 2 trillion ad impressions each month to 2.5 billion internet users across 2 million websites.

While the Search Network reaches people when they’re actively searching, the Display Network can help you capture someone’s attention earlier or later in the buying cycle, as in the case of remarketing to people who have previously visited your website and already expressed interest in your brand.

For campaigns across both search and display, we do competitive keyword analysis, create timely and engaging ads, and optimize all ads throughout the course of the campaign by utilizing such features as extensions, remarketing, and responsive ads. As always, it is our goal to get you the most impressions, clicks, and conversions for the lowest cost possible and help you rank above your competitors.

Additionally, Google offers video campaigns to engage video views on YouTube and across the web and placement shopping ads for retailers to showcase their products and boost web traffic by providing Google with details on their products and inventory.

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Our Fees

We offer an initial contract term of six months. The cost of our services is fixed for each type of service. We do not charge based on an ad budget or a percentage of ad spending.

Our pricing includes the development of a marketing and creative strategy, creation of ads, along with the optimization of ads and reporting of analytics. It does NOT include any advertising dollars, as these are paid directly to the digital platform.

The cost associated with this service is normally far less than the cost to hire, train, and manage a person to execute paid search or display ads in a manner that is aligned with your brand’s positioning, business objectives, and strategies.

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, after three months, you are not happy with your paid search or display ads’ performance, we will cancel the agreement we have with you and refund 100% of the money you have invested with us.

Advertising Dollars

The cost for advertising is determined by the geography and level of competition for keywords. We will provide a recommendation following our assessment. You are not billed for the advertising. Instead, we manage your advertising campaign, and you pay directly to the platforms chosen for your advertisements.

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