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Event Marketing

Marketing an event is no different than marketing a brand within any category. It is important to establish the unique selling proposition or what makes your event special or remarkable to a specific target market. You need to identify what it is about your event that is different from other events or types of entertainment that would cause a person to commit their resources to your event in return for the benefits that you have to offer.

Once you have established your unique selling proposition, it is essential to clarify your brand image – that is how it will look, what it will stand for, who it will associate with, what type of voice it will have, what will it support, who will it follow, etc.

This will then provide direction for the type of logo, colors, and decorations to choose. It will provide direction for who to connect with, what sponsors to pursue, what type of entertainment to choose, what visuals to select, and what messages to create across all marketing platforms.

At this point you should evaluate all marketing tactics available to determine the best course of action needed to build awareness for your brand and convert members of your target market into ticket purchasers. These tactics should include digital marketing platforms that most efficiently and effectively reach and convert members of your target market. Among these tactics are ongoing social media posts, social media advertising, email marketing, and content marketing.

What is often overlooked is optimizing messaging – the visuals and copy needed to most successfully motivate the target market to act. To find the best performing messages, it is important to conduct A/B or multivariate tests to determine which visuals and copy best communicate and incite action.

Also overlooked are how event landing pages (where you send members of your target market to purchase tickets) are constructed. These pages need to be carefully created to further inform and motivate members of your target market to make a purchase.

Lastly, as with the marketing for any brand, measurements need to be set in place to closely watch and determine the effectiveness of all marketing tactics.

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Our Fees

We offer an initial contract term of 6 months. The cost of our services is fixed for each type of service. Pricing is based on the number of services needed. It is also dependent on whether a company provides visuals to be used or whether they need to be sourced.

It does NOT include any advertising dollars as these are paid directly to the digital platforms chosen.

The cost associated with this service is normally far less than the cost to hire, train, and manage a person to execute an event successfully in a manner that is aligned with your event’s positioning, business objectives, and strategies.

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, after 3 months, you are not happy with the services provided, we will cancel the agreement and refund 100% of the money you have invested with us. However, prospective clients should be aware that it normally takes 6-8 months to successfully market an event.

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